Austin Parrot Society is on indefinite hiatus.

Even though our website here is relatively new, we unfortunately are on indefinite hiatus.  Within the span of a few months, all of our founding members and organizers either became very ill and had to step down, or suddenly and unexpectedly ended up moving out of state.  We made the difficult decision to suspend all APS activities rather than try to keep it limping along with little guidance.

This website will remain active in order to still provide good, solid resources, and we will try to keep our site active as long as possible so that members can still communicate with each other, but that will be the extent of it for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, I am still available via email for behavior consults, or just to stay in touch and say hello.  🙂

Best of luck to you and your birds!


2 thoughts on “Austin Parrot Society is on indefinite hiatus.

  1. Deb Sheets

    Awwww this makes me sad, it sounds/looked like you guys had a good group from what I could tell when I looked into it from MN before moving here in June. Thank you for providing me with a connection to meetup (I had never heard of it before). I so wish there was some way to continue with some sort of bird club. Is anyone interested in trying to get together for chop making or toy making at all at some point? There seems to be a fair number of parrot owners in the area-I always try to ask people at other meet ups if they have birds. Living in north Austin, well Jollyville to be exact, and would really welcome the opportunity to get to know or get together with other bird people. Our bird club in MN monthly and I sure have been missing it! Congrats on your new adventure Emily, I wish I’d had the opportunity to get to know you 🙂

    Deb Sheets


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